Through the blood of yours
From which you shed
My body arose
My soul you led
A darkness was shattered
That had layed within me so long
Now alive within your love
My faith in


Will forever remain strong

Lost Within Me


As I sat here
Trying to think
I found myself bemused
By my thoughts
That the memories
I once remembered
May be so lost
The longer I try
The farther they go
And then too far away
Are the the things
I once loved
In my mind
Tied up tightly
On a shelf high above

The Wall


And I write

I write so you can see

The writing on the wall

That I can’t speak

The voices

The colors

The sounds

The vibrations that separate the real from the fake

A release of a conditioned arbitrary belief

That you are not me


A misguided reflection stolen by a godless band of thieves

I went Haikuing


I am a willow
Bending against the long winds
I harbor no regret


Methane carbon bombs
Inevitable end
Begins a new dawn


Wicked is a way
For some to praise what they may
What does it matter


I carry sorrows
A storm which succumbs an end
Like twilight to dusk


Sad Unicorn’s horn
Her light lost within the night
Fades a shade of gray


A wind softly blows
All awhile she dances
The harvest moon glows


From his fruitful hands
The sum of two halves began
Creating just one

a mid-days foggy dream


Reading your words I ponder the meaning, and the whispers between them
If I thought the softness of my lips or the warmth of my body could cure you
I would wrap you within my soul
Our love setting fire to the wicked
Our joy embracing the world and all her mercy

supa novas


when I open up
my shut eyes
wide open
and look out
beyond me
to see
what it is
I see
I turn around
tightly tied
a surround
sound of brightly
colored flashes as
I fall down
my spinals
spiraled descent
for a love
that within me
can only be found



I need to write what I’m about to write so you can read between my lines seen in-between the sheets laid upon my soul protecting me from reacting in a way you may not like however
from by you or from me now what is the score to this game that I can’t recall the name of which you have started and for you I gave thanks to god I’m brave and by him or her or it or what have you I’ve been saved from an illusion of your judged existence that is my life not yours and not anything that can be defined as anything other than pure but please and thank you I mind all my Ps n Qs and I don’t have to but I will out of pity excuse you so I can make sense of this conditioned belief of solace repentance as I’m currently entertained by myself completing this run-on sentence that in the end you won’t comprehend for no matter of fact reason than you are dumb or dumber I don’t know whatever cuz everything I’m writing you already and then and then the end

I Could Be


I could be the one
you settle down
and comforts you
when you want to frown
I could be the one
that gives my all
when your world is going under
and you feel just three feet tall
I could be the one
that you hold tight
in the middle of a starry night
I will always be the one
who knows that in life
you reap just what you have sewn
and I will still be there
holding your feet to the ground
never letting go


Fancy Free


I am a fancy butterfly

I wonder if I tried
how high I could fly
I hear the wind blow
echoing let’s go
I see a weeping willow
with its head hung low
I want her to be free as me
so full of loves glow

I am a fancy butterfly

I pretend to dance
atop the winds whispers
I feel the Autumn winds
getting crisper and crisper
I touch the tip-top
of mother natures skin
I worry that if I do not
give her all my joy
I will cry, she will die
and the thought of us
will be the end

I am a fancy butterfly

I believe that my
brave soaring skills
will give her a smile
I can then say
it will all be
worth our while
I dream of everyone
holding hands around the world
I try to spread this dream
to every boy and girl
I hope that after I fly
too high to come back
they all remember that
within each and every one of them

Lies a fancy butterfly



the vibration of love provides life for the strings that hold together the dimensions born through all the different ways we feel and perceive all that has been, is, and will be…Jennay Marie




In one way or another-into one direction or the other-doesn’t at all matter-only here and now is seen-not even a mind stuck in the past can slow the future-even those who wish for trails to back track nowhere down side up and in between-arrive at the exact finish line where we will share stories of passed awakened dreams-missing all those propounded differences-which once held our love captive within contemptuous hipocracies-prisoners of our own grand designs-a thought not and nothing more than human weakness-and this in the end-will become our greatest of possibilities


whatevs ina nutshell


this pain so sad drives me mad spawn from such an emphasis on forgiving whatever you have done or what you could have had father mother brother sister in the end it all doesn’t matter except who’s beside you who’s been inside you to see all the slather that the snail of life trailed along your path igniting the wrath of human existence of which is so persistent you can’t leave it alone so you jones on your next fix of hope to cope with and i pray you have found out by now that the dope can’t fix it but does that reality even exist in-between the sheets of your acceptance so it would seem we are one right wrong well what is it that you believe your belief that you have practiced like the pre-sats to get you to that place we are programmed to wish to achieve academically i was taught not to fight for if i did i was fought by an entity that was somehow ingrained into me to be greater than me silly i said the fly to the spider that tried to trap it with its spider body and human head don’t you know that improvisation is the only way to beat this trap laced with McKee D’s french fries spilled in your lap yet sold to you so PHAT now you’re sad as if you should be repaid back relax fool you are too cool even though you act as if though you don’t know how you got here in the first place you simple-minded bitch momma has dressed you up as a pigeon stool but she aint to blame and there aint no shame in this game of life you me she he we have been dealt the same cards there aint no reason or rhyme but there is a rhythm and it’s hidden within time the trick is not to find it because it has already been found so if you try you will find standing there is you a fucking clown and it isn’t funny and it isn’t about money so get it straight cuz if you hesitate you will find yourself buried in regret which is a course within life i wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy but you know it’s whatevs, whatever, what have you, fuck it, how about sweet dreams, and all the bullshit that glues us together at the seams….love…you know me?! and if you don’t you better find me in that place that lies where only you can see, you see?! try your heart it’s a start and if not that then like i said, it’s whatevs, in the end we all get what we wanted and yes it’s your fault






starK immunitY


You traveled with class
Destined to surpass the creepers and crass
Every story you enveloped
Turned a shade of what’s true
All that you know to be
Tangled within
Everything you already knew
All that seemed obscure and oblique
Is nothing more than transparent abnormalities
We choose not to see
Blinded by propaganda laced fallacies
Pumped into us by a cloud raining
Walking dead headless empty stained suits
Enslaving all acts of pasts heresies
Our imaginative consciousness lay trapped within a false reality
A mystically told tall-tale masked so eloquently
We are the lost without hearts visibility
We are the deaf stricken by truths insanity
We are the blind to the strength of our unity
Only working to acquire paper costumed as money
We are writing our future you see
We are wanting what is to be
We are the strong, a love that cannot be broken by either you or me

Picture 1069

And then


grounded roots heed
my hearts branching journey
into accepting the infinitely unknown
where the dreams
i dreamt so seemingly long ago
bought nestled thoughts
to lie me a shade past decent
but not so lost
and never alone
a tailored tale
of my beginning
not having an end
there all along draped
overlapped lined with
silky laced sin
lays my heart made not to buckle
but bend
took nothing I could have
to see all I could not have had
to begin
me again
all that I was
and then again
i am
to me
my joy
for me
now free
to be
the love
i grow within
and then
and then
and then




along the split between
the beginning and end
lies every memory that has
molded this universal dream land
where we share all that is now
and beyond what we can presently see
permanently bonded by a spiral of
heart held hands
always meant to be
be still now
silent like the tree
feel the wind blow love
connecting every single being
within one single breath
Always forward for there is no going back


Sweet Slumber


The sky turns grey
Pushing out the suns rays
I lay my worries
Down to sleep
In hopes                                                                                                    you will be there
in my dreams


move me


I am still
facet tightened lips
feels a bit too real
my heavy arms
weighing by my side
you blow intoxicating kisses
my heart beats a deep symphony
relishing every sigh
catching every kiss
wrapping me up tight
in a love high


Whispered Dream


So it seems to me
That everything is not
What it means to be
When I look at the stars
No matter how far
Always shining brightly they are
And as the sun fades through shades
Of jasmine mauve and grey
I am reminded of the times
That you took my breath away
With wings lifted by love
Resting still heart beats
within memories to come


closure time


Maybe today
I will throw it away
This box you gave to me
Only to steal it back
With nothing much to say
How you so casually left it behind
Its tattered and tangled red bow
A million times I have retied
And still I shake it knowing nothings inside
Futile is my attempt to embrace the memory
For it only leaves me left alone to weep
Haunted by phantom vibrations of your hearts beat
Echoing within an emptiness which now inside me lies deep


my faceless ninja


there once was a ninja
that would always follow me
whispering words I wished to hear
while smiling from a face I could not see
“no worries my darling”, he would repeat
“right now I’m not worthy, but soon I’ll be free”
a darkness has lost him, my ninja, my sweet
the tangled sorrow of never meant to be


prophetic me


when the trees blow

and the wind sings

I think of yesterday

and I remember things

like when I knew it all

that the world was against me

and I was afraid to fall

but fall I did

then right away I stood tall again

blowing kisses at the trees

and singing love songs to the wind


Shed Regret


there is a place in my head

where only I am

somewhere my body cannot even go

it is before memories of yesterday

and after the dreamt of tomorrow

and the tears that I shed

while I lay in my bed

keep me safe from the regrets

of I can’t’s sorrow


Sweet Baby


Ticking clocks wasting time

Old memories released as

I write this rhyme

Do you believe what you see in me?

Chasing a dream

Relying on the somehow and maybe

Please still whisper

Softly in my ear

You are my sweet baby

Before you slip away

Back into

Wasted clocks ticking

I see something in you to believe

So stay and rhyme with me

Creating new memories



I am chasing a dream

Whispering in your ear

You are my sweet baby

Lying Truths


There are faces I see every day on these streets
They remind me of times
Caressed within blissful bitter sweets
All awhile ignoring the sign that screams
Beware of lying truths
Always watch what your mind eats

Fire Starter


I saw it all collide
From nothing into me
And oh my, when everything collapsed
How the stars, they did bleed
I swear
I saw you there
Drenched in gasoline
The fire you ignited
With your love
Pulled the darkness
out from me
and back to where I belong
with you
for all eternity

heart-crumbed trails


molded promise whores
create for me
a most invigorating blur of waste
i humor both sides
with my unwilling willing blunder
i willingly will
as tasteless cries
of laughter
enjoy enjoyment
we all abide
collective soulless mess attacks
misted fists too good to
never fear
at last
where are our minds
and are our hearts too far behind


Pasts Mare


I thought I knew what a nightmare was
But while asleep
I fell awake
Awoken from the light of the sun
The chatter
The beyond the present definition of intense
“They’re coming to take me away ha ha”
Shape shifts u-top my fingertips
Uprooting me bald
“Are you serious?! Is this what we are doing now?! I mean REALLY?!”
For days
I foresee myself
Riding this epic coat tail of hell
As I sit here
Right now
The circus still plays
And my heart still dwells
Too bad
That I have
No other destination
For my head has taken a vacation
Scared lil’ miss has fled
Into a faceless crowd
See, where is God or more politically correctly said, E.T.?
Where in one of my most desperate moments
Oh where Oh where could he be?
No worries though
Silly me
I forgot
There are four walls to choose from
And one is leering
Right at me
Throwed into the wall
“It’s all in the wrist is all you see”
My instinctive solution
Just press recall
That’s all

interstellar dreams


Milky way haze
Drips heaven’s glaze
Ever so effortlessly
Down my submitting open legs
Moist lustful dew drops
Play hard to get
By dancing with
Self induced vibrations
Tightening my hips and
My lips all around you
Dreaming I have drowned
To be forever
One in to two

Misha Pan Zobop


This was sent to me-I am speechless~I had to share it

I appreciate what you radiate
in thought word & deed
sensation & sentiment embedded in seed
in every seed syllable of your fractal poesy
ghazal villanelle sonnet spondee
the living language of Light and Shadow
a fractal conversation a spell
whispering the mystical shape of the Orkhon River
feelings flowing naturally spontaneously
into the mandala of blissful naked awareness …
the essence of fractal reality

To A Muse :
“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river
moving in you, a joy.” ~♥~ Mawlana Jalal-al-Din Rumi
I saw your comment “fractals are the answer ” in response to “We are the universe trying to understand itself” which was the header of an image illustrating a parallel between neural pathways in the human brain & the known universe
I was intrigued & discovered your Fbook site etc & your poetic research & your images
Your vision opened my eyes to a deeper view of poetic realism
This inspired me to respond to you in an experiment with linguistic structure correlated with brain wave emissions mapping inner space, as it were
In effect, you played a Muse, inspiring me to play Music of the Heart
“The true poem is the poet’s mind,” said Ralph Waldo Emerson
Fractally, I say the true poem is the Music of the poet’s Heart & Soul
I salute you — you as Muse & Poet — & simply as who you are, in your person, in your Heart & Soul

sOOOOOO as I was crossing the Colorado River on a most beautiful of walking bridges I saw two sights I had to write lil’ bits about it


Hawk Eyed~

I am mighty
I am mighty and grand
Towering over you
I will swoop down
And eat you
Where you stand

Log Winded~

I saw a bird today
With his wings stretched open
To feel the wind blow through them
And back around this way
He was perched up on a log
In the middle of the Colorado
I stood there on a bridge watching
Wishing I were him
A bump on a log

L!ar L!ar §ouł Θ₪ ℉!re


Trying trying-forever I am trying.
While in the midst of my surroundings I am dying.
I scream and I will scream loud a continuous whining.


I have fought till from my eyes no tears fall for my dreams, I fear forever, will weep a terminal crying.
Alone in the dark my vision clouded behind me, my shadow, could it be, disguised in thick lies underlying.
I am lost for you to find me, stuck on repeat.
Among deceptive faces that keep me lame, oh so tired, sky scraping vacancy sign blinks loud there is no place left for you to go hiding.


i Ŧølđ yø↻ Ƨø


Your tongue split in two
One lies to me
One lies in you
Living the high life
In the stench of the hole
That on your face dwells
I am only human-you always say
To excuse the games with me you play
Just like your tongue
That too goes both ways
So when you see by belly swell
And a smile on my face start to arise
The next thing to follow
Will be the last thing you hear
My laughter as I see karma
Drag you out of my heaven
And back into your hell


Ṱℎe Ṧilver ⅂iŋiŋǵ Ʈõ Ṱℎis Ḉlõůḋ


more than not are those who have fallen victim to the evil psychological warfare that has been brainwashing them for many generations…….it makes me ill….I am awake, I see the shattered prisons of denial that have encased my brothers and sisters. What you see today within many has taken YEARS of strategic planning. People have been conditioned into the most evil of mental disorders, a total split of the soul and mind. And out of it all, the worst part is that people are torn between their primitive desires to be human and their uncontrollable addictions of need. How it must feel to have two insatiable desires battling inside you all at the same time….what you know is right and what you know is wrong and not having the control to do right cuz your mind actually thinks all the wrongs are alright due to the excuses, justifications, and reasons they have over years, and over years, and over years, and over years told themselves to clear the air…….it’s filled with an odorless poison that steals their ability to feel…but the thing is, people are so far under the spell of convenience and fear that it is going to take something unimaginable to save them from their hell, whatever it may be it’s coming and none of us can stop it.

€uΓǷ∂ƄiΓitẙ ℂ∂st Aŵ∂⅄


Pirates of unparalleled dexterity in seduction is the mirage of past; cruel vapors of dreams I cherished till they wrenched them away all too fast. My world was left a swirl within a mind behind eyes that could no longer see.

A hypnotizing song arouses sensitive central notes temperately unlocking in my heart the hidden grief. Do they calculate this painstaking death accented with false promises catered to my desperate belief?

They are my sole desire in physical, mental, and intellectual capacity, the past often for which I yearn. The memory, essence, lips, and being imprisons me while their indifference for me perpetuates a constant burn.

Fiery synesthesia inevitably manifests in blossoms of tempestuous, emotional, and organic proliferation: Steadily deteriorated, I fear there may no longer exist souls to free, even if I could attain true emancipation.

But the moments of past which mark my captivity perhaps could in reality have always been fake. Because truth unacknowledged still exists, as grass veiled with leaves is uncovered by lies rake.

Trekking through life they splashed through the puddle of me: mutilated aftermath left on the ground.Yet they are the lake I immersed myself into, only to meet death when I drowned in their careless debts left behind to hang me dry. The rope hung by the hands that never again have me down.

Quiet, profound, no trail of sound but their distant echoes tip toeing the ground. I floated till there was only my heart beating, reconciled abluvion, spilling vibrations I still lay on now, all around me infinite love undyingly surrounds.



It feels good to breathe!
We all breathe
Loneliness to happiness
Panting with instinct from day to day
Dancing with karma at club life
Watching & liste
ning to fate play records
Spaced empty shapes in my void thoughts
Breathing in crystal air
Breathing out blue green smoke
Twisted purpose of deprogramming.

For me to discover one’s self
where ever I go there it is, waiting
Feeling it come & go pulling & pushing
Breathing in this world
breathing out my soul
When will I access normality?

Still I seek the data banks I call my friends
Still I breathe
Still I ride

Games or blames
Innocence or evilness
A manual outburst through a crack in time
Playing with momentum in altering minds
Dealing & wheeling asphalt & bricks
in swirls of exhalation.

A myriad of colors beaming & blending together
Like a light switch on a console
Breathing out boredom
Fluctuating emotions
Breathing in life
Breathing out its’ craziness.


ℒadiℯs Đon’t Ṩ℘it


you are the next best
grasp your lyrical text
to aid you while your
periodical biological fluctuation
sips on our blood
sweat and tears
drench still hearts to grow
hydroponically grown generations
wild to breed spit habits
out of anybody that tastes its’
rage filled tones picked to rewind
this most masterful peeked reign
spoiled with thick beats infused
intertwined with sex mingling minds
while migrations follow lingering trails
that leave you confused
so amused under my spell
while I spit past perverseness hips
that shine the shade I repel
hypnotized minds
your eyes caramelized
leaking lyrical poison
reeking of sly sneaky rants
only fat pants
and black laced adidas
wrapped tight in rhythmic funk bliss
will join me in battle
to rise beyond assumed old school
and who do you think fool
planted these seeds that
started this rhyming game
of tongue dives
that flipped a script
to omit
slick matter-of-fact jive
too sick to remit
built endless bar lines
I reapplied for you to get high
best rely on my ghostly essential
endogenous vibrations
to fly in on time
a continuous birth
of wise lyrical extensions
from beats that I have
so instinctively been flowing
ripe from the pipe
all races I invite
you, me, we
must engage
sick misted verbiage
with our voice
our right to
invoke harmonious penetrations
in every dome
I believe roams
beyond illusive hope
soaked from dope
chrome lined clouds
that masked your here and now
that’s whats up
as I exhale verses exciting
rejuvenating notated platinum lined crowds
to spread funk into all
bet yet
perpetraten a passion
you can’t even pronounce
the ill faded power
that lies withn every word
I will blast only the crunkest
illified radiated heat
to burn into silence
your punkish disbelief
that a soldier created from poetical
metaphorical spiritual spits
can’t create factual mad atoms
spawning attacks to revive
conspiring air looms of meaning
giving notice to the continuous
overlapping artifacts gone whack
having you sticky with bass nectar
pulsin out your ears
close those lids
only to watch your world disappear
so I flew to you beats
amped to go hella deep
clinch those grills I’m comin
with a bag full of treats
my drums your drums
gonna spread this shit sweet
cuz a journey with DNB
keeps alive the

☻Ƙ¡nǥ Oƒ ƧṯuǷīⅆ¡ṯ⅄☻


You say you want to leave me
But here you stand here still
Never walking your talking
I see what you won’t say
Your actions are opposite
And now you want me to stay
You filled my air with poisoned lies
My love you simply ignored
So I will take it back now
and thank you for opening the door☺



As soon as dawn turns to dusk
My crazy mind runs a muck
I need a leash for this devil
I need some peace to make it all level
Shoot me back to my birth to wash away these lies
Convenient desires that have possessed my worth
Regret all upset for things undone
I need strength from way past down deep
To realize that my life has only in this now begun≜

‡ßℓḭŋƌ Ƒḁẗ℮‡


As I sit in baffling silence
My soul steals in chains

I try every which way
Just to get you inside with me to stay
Catch a glimpse with me
Ride the always and maybe someday

Someday I’ll get up
Step out of my head
And lay to rest finally
The demons that have led

-Don’t run away high
Stay and dance with me
Face the music loud
Only it will set you free-

Afraid of the light
Too bright
My eyes shut tight
Readjustment like change
Is a far harder fight
A lie sewed into legend
That I may not survive
So I choose to do nothing
To keep me alive
The powers that may be
Please set me free
I am all weak and belittled
And I did it to me
It was me you see

-Don’t run away high
Stay and dance with me
Face the music loud
only it will set you free-

There is no life deserved to live
Just because I was born into it
It’s me who will be traveling
The road my destiny adorns
This circle I have been walking in
Has finally come full turn
Now I am looking right at you
Arm extended
Finger pointed
As I ask you to dance with me

-Don’t run away high
Stay and dance with me
Face the music loud
Only it will set you free-




How I know
does not matter
Why I love you
is not the question

The only thing of true relevance
is where we are

and that is
together as one
I feel your thoughts
like I’m reading the words
from an epic romance novel
I wrote some time ago

The light you shine on me
is that of intense confirmation
that one day a flame would come
and we’d both be together no longer cold
Blanketed in this new-found purest of energies
my heart has spilled over with passion
We found each oth
er collectively
without forceful intent
a balancing of heart

and soul
total fluidity

and both of us letting go
I see you
for you are me
I love you

for you have set me free♡

▒ℳƴ Jůϰǵlℇ ℋϊppσdrσmέ▓


Desperation is clarification
I do not wish to seek
I gave away That place I stayed
I am no longer week
Now I sit in my wander palace
Deciding to not to decide
To blue my life away
To run away and hide
Standing here now this world in my hands
This playground at my feet
I’ll play all day and all through the night
with poetic treats and long lustful poses
Then lay here admiring the next day
among the morning glories, tulips, and roses


¡₦ever Tℏe Ʃℹŋⅆ!


Words meant to define
Hold you back
and things unwind
Puzzles of letters
That snake intertwined
Spilling off your tongue
Flowing off into time
Creating patterns repeated
Listen to hear what is lying inside
All that you need
Is in your heart
Not in your mind

ℙṹṙ℘ℴƨℯ ℴƒ ℒịƒℯ♥


Your purpose is here
It’s been searching for you
Peeking through your darkness
Piercing holes into your sadness
Plotting beautiful dreams to mask the madness
A transformation of your self-destruction
Your world recreated with unified construction
Your spirit and soul regenerated
The demons that stripped your dignity disintegrated
Setting your lost misguided heart free
Clean and full of solace regret
No longer suffering in isolated bliss
No longer shadowed by fear
Strength your new hero
Your time is now here
Awakened Enlightened Completed
Is how you will now stand
All the wonders of the Universe ready to take you in
Sore through life now open and wholeheartedly
With love right beside you
Your purpose in hand❥


ϟtår Ɗũstǝd ℒ♥vǝ


Coming from nowhere a blinding shine
So far into us no destination in sight
Faster till all passions at once combine
Glowing infinite star dust
There is only you and I here
Cradled in loves’ rust
Sparse is the space between
All we’ve known
All we’ve seen
Till nothing makes sense
Except just to be
Tangled in our sweet bass
We found two swollen hearts beating
Vibrations arousing all our parts
Creating creation forever repeating

⋠ẆϦαt ȋϛ,ȋϛ⋡


I am everything
with or without you
and so we live eternally
separated from view
all that I ever thought
could be true
has to be
and the opposite too

Ƨoℓαc℮ ℒαc℮d ℒov℮


I am here to sing free my false inhibited visions
Outside my box I stand naked before you
All the words I had sung before now
Left you transiently dazed and confused
Both of us fugitives of pasts’ voodoo
There are no words I can conform
To convey the very essence my dreams adorn
Our two entities convulsing into one swirl
Flowing a purest of energies reborn
Within one harmonious infinite wave
Cresting Sticky vibrations crashing you into I
A torrent of love conceived content
Spawning blossoms of loves’ eternal intent

℞ℹƞǥ Årøůƞđ ŧℏǝ Ƿøƨǝrƨ


Who am I?
You ask me who I am.
Even though my reflection
shines inside you where you stand.
What am I?
You ask me what I am
Even though my love
runs through your every vibrating strand.
What are we?
You ask me what we are.
I am you-You are me-We are one
Even though you know,
still you pretend to not understand.

Fråc৳aℓ L♥vǝ


Fractal love lives everywhere
And all spaces in between
Racing through the night
Sharing dreams with the light
A gentle scolding holding me tight
Deflecting all my manifested fright
An energy that roams
till’ her terminus-ad-quem
The one who lives forever inside me
Always with me, we are never alone
All that is known is fantastically cuddled
Within the undiscovered unknown
a masterfully conceptualized hippodrome
She always-and-everyday reminds me
that this is only pretend
That imagination equals reality
And the biggest lie is the end

◀ℑust ℱor Ƴou▶


like a splinter
so far in my mind
I can’t handle this light
now I’m blind
to your ways of yesterday
and them some
u see, me, I’m not afraid
of this thunderstorm
you have seemingly made
in your way I stay
always you say
softly to me
and so I turn
and walk out the door


Əverlasting Ɓeat Ƭweaker


Your beats like treats
Infuse my ears with lovely sweets
When I watch you in that manipulative zone
It’s at that moment I lose all I’ve known
Soaring among the nasty bass you play
Drops that let you have me your way
I’ll beg and plead till you hit rewind
Spinning my body out of my mind
Let me dance here forever always wanting more
My soul transcending into the dance floor